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12 May 2013 @ 12:28 pm
Saturday, 11 May 2013

Weekeeeeeeend ~~~~~ Huray, huray, huray, huray ~~~~~ >_<
It's time to surfing the internet all day long ~~~~ Well, precisely, I hoped it like that ;__; Since, I also have a lot of homeworks and tasks TT_TT

So, starting to surfed the internet. THEN, I found something treasure-like!! It's Shokura 2013.05.08 ~~ It's written that this episode will be feautring Hokku-Jesse duet and also Bakaleya4!! If Hokku and Jesse already have their duet, it means Bakaleya4 will contain the remaining four right? Shintaro, Kouchi, Juri and Taiga?? Yattaaaaaa ~~!! I really miss Taiga XDXDXDXD

Just like that, I download the episode with 100% fired anxiety. The files is a bit huge actually ._. Finished download ~~~~ Now, it's time to watch it!! It's started with Hokku-Jesse duet. Then I saw a glimpse of Kouchi and Juri behind them. What? Is Bakaleya4 doing the backdancing? Where's Taiga? Where's Taiga ~~?? Oh, spotted Shintaro. Taiga, where are you? Until the opening stage ends....I couldn't find Taiga ;__; Well, I guess I'll just find him in their stage then ~

It's the juniors stage finally. Just like the opening stage, Hokku-Jesse showed up first. Where's the Bakaleya4? Oh there they are ~ There are Kouchi, Shintaro, Juri and..........Yasui? Why Yasui? Where's Taiga? Oh I guess he'll have his solo stage, duet stage, or something like that ~ But, until the show ends, there is no Taiga..

TROOOOOLLLL!! Even though Bakaleya6 or Bakaleya4 or Bakaleya-Kumi were not their official name, but the name "Bakaleya" is for a group that contains Kouchi, Hokuto, Juri, Jesse, Shintaro and Taiga in it.. It's not like I hate Yasui or something like that. I also like Yasui. But,..well,....it's dissapointing enough because I already put 100% faith that Taiga will appear in this episode :"(

JesseLJ Jesse

HokkuLJ Hokuto

KouchiLJ Kouchi

ShintaroLJ Shintaro

JuriLJ Juri

YasuiLJ And Taiga Yasui

Is it just me who can't spotted Taiga? Or is it Taiga the one that really don't showed up in that episode?

Oh by the way, last night, once again, I saw a mysterious figure outside the windows in my backyard. The figure was like a woman with long messy hair, faced her back towards my window, stood still, then suddenly moved really fast and dissapeared just like that ._. Well, it's not the first time actually ~ Just pretend that I didn't see anything is the best solution kekekeke ~

Kkeut ~ XP

P.S Maybe Taiga has another schedule or something ~ (Hope he is fine and doesn't sick at all ;__;). Yasui, thanks for covering Taiga's place ~ ^^
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