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28 May 2013 @ 12:45 am
Finally It's ComeBLAQ ~!!  
Monday, 27 May 2012

Today is another usual day, with usual life, usual tasks, usual people and usual activities..
UNTIL!! This night, at about 10 a.m WIB, J.Tune Camp (MBLAQ's entertainment agency) released another teaser picture about this year comeBLAQ!!
YEESS!! The long-awaited comeBLAQ is finally here!! Woohoooooo ~ *happy to tears* It's been 1,5 years TT_TT

So "SEXY BEAT" will be this comeBLAQ album name, which contains these following song :
1. Celebrate
2. Dress Up
3. R U OK
4. Sexy Beat
5. 소녀 (Young Girl)
6. 스모키걸 (Smoky Girl)

These are the adorable teaser picture ~ :

The 'Smoky Girl' The 'Smoky Girl'

Seungho's Seung Ho's Teaser Picture

G.O's G.O's Teaser Picture

Joon's Joon's Teaser Picture

Cheondung's Cheon Dung's Teaser Picture

Mir's Mir's Teaser Picture

Basically, I don't really understand the relevance between Smoky Girl and these neon teaser pictures. If it's smoky......then why neon ._. ? Isn't 'smoky' supposed to be a bit darker colors like grey? Or just add smoke effect at the picture. But in contrary, it's neon.. *.*

Well, it doesn't matter actually ~ Overall I like their neon smoky(?) concept. Kinda..mysterious? Maybe..haha ~
Especially Cheolyong's (MIR) teaser picture ~ ^^ Totally love his glow in the dark glare XD Somehow I have the feeling like being glared by a vampire(?) with red green eye ~ And to me, his asymmetrical bangs add another plus points XDXD Or......am I just being biased? Since Cheolyong is my ultimate husband bias ~ Maybe..haha :P

Tottaly anticipate this comeBLAQ!! MBLAQ fighting!! MBLAQ, you can definitely do it ~!! MBLAQ DAEBAK!!

P.S Just have another little worry about this comeBLAQ.. Since they have announced that this comeBLAQ will be a lot more sexier.. Please just don't make the boys do 'strange' things with the girl.. Especially Cheolyong.. Please ;__; It's okay though, as long as the girl is me lol *kidding*

Source : J.Tune Camp Official Facebook
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