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11 August 2013 @ 11:24 pm
Ahjumma Killer? Orz  
It seems something wrong with Yamada.. Or..my mom is the one who strange after all -_-
Know what.. Mom has completely falling in love in Yamada ;__;
She makes me downloaded a lot of Yamada-centric videos and makes me saved a lot of Yamada pictures..

Mama!! Seriously, I still need a lot of space for my Yuuto. Now that it comes like this....space for Yuuto is gradually decreasing TT_TT Thanks to those Yamada stuffs -.-
Well it's not like I hate Yamada or such. But..yeah, my feelings towards him is like this --> ._.
Flat, plain, something like that. And If I have to point out his position in Hey! Say! JUMP, then it would be like.. :

1.) Nakajima Yuuto
2.) Yuuto
3.) Yuto
4.) Yutorin
5.) Yutti
6.) Nakayan
7.) JUMP's drummer
8.) JUMP's moonwalker
9.) Raiya's older brother
10.) Horse sashimi and insect-hunting lover
11.) Okamoto Keito
12.) Inoo Kei
13.) Arioka Daiki
14.) Yamada Ryosuke <-- See??! He is here! Far behind Yuuto TT_TT
15.) Chinen Yuuri
16.) Yaotome Hikaru
17.) Takaki Yuuya
18.) Morimoto Ryutaro
19.) Yabu Kota

Yea, I'm a full-timer Tobikko, and of course, I love all the members. But still....no matter what, Yuuto comes first ;__; It's just not my nature to 'sacrifice' Yuuto for Yamada TT^TT I will not complain if only those Yamada-centric stuffs doesn't eat the space that I save for Yuuto -.-

Ok, basically it's just my giberish(?) post. Nothing really important. Sorry for randoming(?) ~
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