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12 August 2013 @ 01:24 am
Seriously ahjumma killer orz -_-  
It's about my mom again..
And it's about her fangirl side towards Yamada..
And of course it's about me who is feeling awkward now..
Yea like that.

In my earlier post, I already said that my mom makes me saved a lot of Yamada-centric stuffs.
Now it's getting worse.. Mom told me to crop a lot of Yamada's pictures and bluetooth them to her phone -_-
Seriously, mom.. Mom even willing to delete half of her picture in her phone just in order to saving Yamada's picture..and ringtone.
No, it doesn't stop right there. She even set a Yamada picture as her wallpaper..
One day, when I happen to borrow her phone and of course happen to look at her wallpaper, I be like..


And now my mom set Yamada's ringtone as her ringtone. So, everytime someone call my mom's phone, what I hear is that Yamada voice -_-
Whenever I watch Hey! Say! JUMP video in my phone, my mom will instantly snatched my phone, hoping to see a new Yamada video.. She even join me when I watched all JUMP's concert.. And when we watch Hitomi no Screen performance, my mom will go "AAAACCCCKKK KYAAAAAAKKKK ~~~~" whenever that Yamada's "I love you ~ *wink*" part comes up.

Whenever my mom lose control like that, I usually remembering her that Yamada is just one year older than me. So, it can be said that Yamada is just like her son! My mom was born in 1968..meanwhile Yamada..yea, you all know he is a '93 liners -_- And after hear what I'm saying, she usually said "It's okay, I love him just like the way I love my own son ~" and I be like "..........yea, right -_-"

But, actually, it's okay ~ Beside the problem that Yamada stuff eat the space for Yuuto stuff, having a mother like my mom is fun. My mom is able to be my fangirling friend whenever I'm alone. Yea, since I'm the only child after all kkkk ~

And I don't know why, this afternoon, my mom said these stuff out of the blue :
"Sure is Yamada cuter than Yuuto. And he is also more fresh than Yuuto. (Yea, that's what my mom thinks orz). But if I have to choose, Yuuto will make a better husband for you. Hem....how do I put this? Looks like Yuuto is a bit more mature.. I don't know why, but I think Yuuto will make you happy.. Your personality don't match with Yamada. You will get tired of him, and will get tired to protect him for not being snatched by other woman. Just mother instinct."

Wait.. WHUT O_O?? What are you saying, mom? Do you want me to marry Yuuto??
Uwaaaaaa ~~~~~ Thank youuuu ~ XDXD Finally, mom has approved our my love ~ X3


Now, my mom usually address Yamada as "my son" ._. Whenever mom want to see Yamada, she will shout to me "gimme, my son ~" and such ._. And that means, out of nowhere, I have another aniki ._. Beside Chinen. Yea, for some reason, I feel like Chinen is like my aniki, although I'm taller than him fufu ~ This nothing to do with height, duh!

Okay, random and unimportant as always. Ja ~
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