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10 May 2013 @ 02:18 am
First Post ~ +_+  
Ok, so here I am, posting my very first journal ~~~~ Yeeaay, woohoooo, uwooh, uwooooh ~~ /make annoying noise keke :P
First, I would like to introduce myself ~
Name is Dev. I'm just an ordinary 18 years-old (female) college student ~ ^^ Well, I'll correct that. No, I'm not ordinary, I'm just a crazy, cheerful, shameless and hyper (female) college student :P My motto is "Don't Worry Be Happy ~" (cc. Garda Otto). I like drawing, manga, anime, and practicing jokes ~!! Sometimes....I lost my self-control in front of a crowded public places ._.
My department in college is Korean Studies. I have my own reasons why I entered that department, and it's not because the Hallyu Wave stuff. I really hate it whenever people judge me like that :/

But I have to admit that I like K-Pop, especially MBLAQ ~
My hubby is definitely Mir ~ But I prefer calling him by his real name : Bang Cheolyong ~ Kekekeke


Yes, I'm learning Korea. No, Korea is not my only one love. Half of my heart is for Korea, and the rest half is for JAPAN ~ +_+!! And actually....my main reason in creating LiveJournal account is because I falling in love with this person..


Name is Kyomoto Taiga ~ One of the Tokyo Junior from Johnny's Entertainment. Recently has been cooperating with his (trainee) group named Bakaleya or Bakaleya6 or Bakaleya-Kumi. Waiting for his debut, fighting Taiga ~ :*

Ok, so this is it. It's the end of my random and useless(?) introduction ~ From now on, I will write my journal continuously (whenever I have enough time of course keke). I'll make my journal as my (un)privacy diary, although I know no one will read it since I have veeeeryyyy few friends here and my journal is just a bunch of random and an uninteresting post keke >_< Demo, ganbarimasu ~ :3
Nice to meet you, all ~ ^^ Looking for your cooperation in the future ~ Since I'm new here, please forgive me if I have any mistake in this post. See ya ~ +_+

P.S Actually, no, I don't like pink. Don't hate it either but also don't have special feelings towards it. I'm using this pink theme and this pink font is because I found it a bit gothic-like if I combine it with black keke :3

Source : Mir's Twitter and kyomototaiga

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