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10 May 2013 @ 10:54 pm
Friday, 10 May 2013

Today is a day that (maybe) can be called a 'lazy' day. Why? Because it's a day between a national holiday and weekend. Soooo laaaazzyy ~~ Wouldn't it be great if we just make today as a holiday as well? Keke. Even the teacher also felt the same way as I am. Days like today often called "Harpitnas" (hari kejepit nasional) in my country. Since today is a Harpitnas, so the teacher just gave us some tasks and let us go home. My first class ended at 10 a.m. Feel like go home, feel like go home ~....BUT, I had another class at 1 p.m,,,,-__-,, It would be tiring if I go home now and have to come back to school at 1 p.m,,,,-__-,,,

I prefer to wait at school until the next class rather than go home now. So here I am, had no class, had nothing to do, lalalala ~ Then, I decided to kill times by playing some computer games. There is this one game named "Ib". My friend introduced it to me.

Ib is a RPG indie game with horror genre, featuring a 9 years-old girl named Ib. The story begin when Ib visits a gallery with her family. When staring at one of the painting, suddenly Ib transfered into a different world. Her world is turned upside down when the gallery comes to life, trapping her within a space where the exhibitions are malevolent and do not take kindly to intruders. Ib must escape this horror-filled museum before her sanity slips or the gallery traps her there forever. There is also another character named Garry. Garry has the same fate as Ib, he also trapped in that different world. Both Ib and Garry have to collect some roses as their life. Red roses for Ib and blue roses for Garry. If they forfeit their roses, run out of roses, or accidentally give it to another creatures inside the gallery, then it's the THE END ~

This is "Ib" fan-art done by Usotsuki at Zerochan.


And this is Ib and Garry with all the ghosts, weird creatures and living things that featured in the game. Also done by Usotsuki at Zerochan.


Basically, "Ib" is not a horror realistic game like "Fatal Frame". It's just a...umm how do I put this? Just a pixel game..maybe? Yes, it's still a pixeled game. Strangely it can make me frightened enough.. ._. Maybe it's just because coward me? But seriously, "Ib" is a interesting game. Sometimes there are some tricks and puzzles, so we have to use our brain to solve it. And curiousity is the main aspect that we should have in playing this game.

Try it! It's recommended ~ ^^

Source : Zerochan and RPG Maker Wiki
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