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The Firefly's Light ~

12 November 1994
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I'm just an ordinary teenage college girl ~ Ok, sorry, I'm lying.. I'm absolutely a hyper, shameless, cheerful and crazy teenage college girl XPXPXPXP
Using the LiveJournal mainly because LiveJournal is such a treasure-like(?) place for J-Pop :D (since it's so hard to find them in public site like Youtube, etc TT_TT)
My guys(?) are absolutely Nakajima Yuto and Kyomoto Taiga ~ Both from Johnny's Entertainment ~ I like to call them both by Kyota Nakato kekekekeke :P
Between those two my only one ultimate hubby(?!) is Nakajima Yuto ~ +_+
My journal is just about a bunch of random and useless post. But, it's okay right? Since it's MY journal after all kyahahahahahah XD